Personal Photography Tuition

What's on offer? Bespoke photographic tuition for individuals and small groups in Scotland, tailored to your photographic needs and outdoors experience.

For trips of 2 or more days, we can wild camp if you'd like. This allows plenty of time to explore the location properly, experiment with night photography and embed the learning.

An incredible 3 days of photography tuition in and around Glencoe. In stunning surroundings and perfect conditions for shooting landscapes, we learnt a variety of technical and compositional techniques (and plenty of other handy tips) under David’s expert tuition. I came away delighted and feeling that my photography skills had gone up a few much so that I now have the first photo of my own that I’d consider hanging on my wall. If it’s outdoor adventure and top notch tuition you’re after, delivered in a very friendly manner, David’s definitely yer man!
— Mark Sage

Who am I? An award winning photographer and writer about the method and practice of photography. I have years of formal teaching experience (arts based to degree level) and informal outdoors experience, and have been taking photos for over 35 years. Much of my work now involves photographing people and landscapes for outdoors magazines. For more info, take a look here or browse the website.

What will you need? It helps if you have some walking and camping experience to start off, but you don't need to be an expert - we can work on the rest, and adapt the weekend to fit you. You'll also need to bring your camera, spare cards and batteries, plus a remote timer if you want to make the most out of the night photography session. A tripod and some graduated filters can be provided if you don't have them.

Locations and Prices I have some favourite spots for us to visit, near Glen Coe, Laggan and on the West Coast, depending on your time and travel arrangements. The price is £120 per day per person, but a small groups discount is possible if you book together. Camping equipment loan and transport transfers can be arranged at little or no extra cost. The itinerary is kept very flexible, deliberately - this workshop is about you, not me!

Get in touch below to arrange a guided photo trip, bespoke to you.

Throughout the weekend, David’s tuition was perfectly judged. He alternated between sharing high-level principles and giving me a free rein to find shots myself, and then pointing out possible subjects and helping with framing and picking different perspectives. I found this mix really helpful; the more directive style gave me very tangible way to understand the concepts, and the subtle guidance gave me a chance to practice and work what I was learning into my own style.

David was also a great source of local information about the area. I came home having gained a new perspective on ways to look for and frame images - and having learned a bunch about winter skills into the bargain!
— Tim Granger
David really helped me sort out a fundamental flaw (judging correct exposure levels) in my technique that had been holding me back and frustrating me for years, as well as introducing me to some new ideas for composition. Despite challenging conditions, he was able to identify shots which tested the learning from earlier in the session and built upon them too, making use of interesting scenes and lighting we found throughout the two days.
— Graeme Seggie
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