Nature's Peace - photos for a book

About a year ago, I started taking photographs for Peter Wright's third book about the Scottish Watershed - Nature's Peace, which was published last month.  The book is possibly the most accessible in Peter's trilogy about the subject, benefiting from images from a range of contributors that showcase the hugely diverse landscape that the watershed has helped create. 

I mostly concentrated on the Scottish Borders - because it was relatively nearby, and was a way of getting to know my neighbourhood better.  For me as a newcomer to Scotland, I didn't have a huge library to draw on, so the project became a good excuse for some local research.  I spent longer in each place than I might have done otherwise, sometimes doing repeat visits.  I mostly worked to Peter's shot list, although he was kind enough to allow interpretation of this and not be too literal, if there was a better shot in the vicinity.  We were also careful not to exclude human influence in the landscape, especially in the borders, where intensive farming for both food and energy have left their marks.  I'm pleased to have a few shots inside which aren't necessarily the big, 'iconic' landscapes of the central and northern highlands - but hopefully still show something of the character of the area, that the project helped open up for me.

Here's a small selection from the book: