A simple thing

There hasn't been much outside time lately.  The odd half day here and there, but nothing to write about.  Other things happened, but a break was needed.  Something simple providing maximum enjoyment and minimum effort. 

There's a place on the coast I've got to know, just beyond where the dog walkers turn around, and the shore is angled to scoop up the lion's share of driftwood from the Forth.  That's where we went.

No planning, no food dehydration, no stove, no specialist kit.  We bought a tent but could easily have made do with blankets.  The walk in was 45minutes.  Our bags were heavy with 6 litres of water and 2 kilos of fresh salad, salmon, corn and potatoes for the fire. 

It was all about the fire.  We took cotton wool infused with Vaseline and found dead marram grass on the way for firestarter.  We brewed lots of tea and burnt sand onto the cooking pot.  Fire, food, the outgoing tide, and hunting bats.  And the summer.  Time out from complex.  Simple pleasures, now remembered.