Walkie Talkie

On Saturday 11th May, I will be speaking as part of an evening about walking at Westminster Reference Library, central London.  I'll be talking about the sea to sea walk on the Haute Route Pyrenees, and sharing some new photos and thoughts from the trip.

As per our original HRP walk, proceeds from the evening (including all book sales) will be split between the music education charity Soundmix and the conservation charity The John Muir Trust. 

Links to advance tickets, and the speakers and artists involved are below.   

Nick Hunt walked from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul.
David Lintern (that's me) walked across the Pyrenees.
Ingrid Plum writes and performs music about landscape.
Foster Spragge makes real-time walking drawings.
Tim Mitchell launches a limited edition photobook 'Up & Down the Pyrenees'.

Sat 11th May, 7.30-10.30pm.  
Licensed bar.  
Advance tickets £6 available through http://www.ticketlab.co.uk/event/id/11

Westminster Reference Library
35 St Martins Street
London WC2H 7HP
Nearest tube: Leicester Square

Thanks to Tim Mitchell for organising all this, and thanks to the participants for donating their time and artworks for free.  It's a great venue and the evening promises some real variety in outlook and approach to putting one foot in front of the other.   It'd  be fantastic to see some of you there.

The last word goes to Ingrid, who'll be performing on the night: