Semi confessional

Over the last few months I've had a few things published out there in the world, not directly connected to this blog.  I thought I'd better get over myself and post about them here.

Top of the list is a feature in TGO magazine, April issue, about my coast to coast walk in the Pyrenees.  This walk seems like a long time ago now, but I'm really pleased that TGO were interested - it feels like a natural fit.  I've also got a photo contribution in this months 'Escapes' supplement, about one of my favourite haunts, Aberlady Bay.  It's out now, folks, go get...

Next up, and a bit of a surprise, was a 2 page portfolio of photos in Landscape Photography Magazine, March issue.  I submitted a raft of stuff 6 months ago, and only found out recently I made the cut.  I'm pleased I managed to give my stepdad an acknowledgment somewhere relevant for teaching me the rudiments of film photography on family holidays in Wales all those years ago.  Funny what sticks.

Following a photo essay in Mountain Pro Magazine, I've done some more work for Target Publishing, this time an article for Outdoors Enthusiast Retailer Magazine, spring edition.  This was all about modular gear choices, no real surprises for the technical amongst you, but hopefully a more inclusive/less about the bling way of thinking about modern hiking and camping techniques, which is kinda ironic, given that it was written for a trade paper.  Or is it?  Read on to find out.

photo courtesy of Phil Turner

The winning photo from the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival  photography award was published in the MCofS Magazine spring 2013, which is quite an honour in my universe.  It's a high quality, feature rich magazine, and the photo printed well.  Almost worth moving to Scotland and transferring my BMC membership for.

Better than pixels - A few months ago I blathered on like a teenager about creating a new website for the photos, but I've had no time to focus on that.  In the meantime, I have had some printing done by the top print company in the UK using a really beautiful archive grade giclee paper, so you can buy any photos you see on this blog, or on Flickr (except the old ones, which are rubbish) mounted, signed and numbered, for A3 - £40, 1:1 - £35, A4 - £30, including P&P to anywhere in Europe, (add £7.50 for rest of the world).  Just let me know what you want and the preferred size using the contact form, and we'll sort out payment using paypal.  In time I hope to sort out a better mechanism, but I want to try a few things locally first to test the market properly.  Anyway, just holler - the prints are really stunning (even if I do say so myself!)

I've also added a tab at the top of this blog called press, where I'll squirrel away the archive for things like this in the future.  There are one or two more things in the pipeline which I'll tell you about if, as and when they come to pass - I'd rather not speak too soon. 

Keywording my Tombstone - Lastly, I've joined the growing number of outdoors folk contributing to photo stock agencies, so if you work in the trade and want something, let me know...

Pennies from Heaven - I've never made any bones about the fact that this blog is a very personal take on the outdoors, but I'm also enjoying the learning curve involved in occasionally writing and taking photos for new and different contexts.  The financial rewards are mostly tiny - as it stands at the moment, I'll pay off my fancy new camera just as digital becomes obsolete and we're jacking into the mainframe telepathically.  Then again, that's hardly the point - anything is a bonus, on top of days and nights out in places that renew us.  So I'll continue to do it for the love first and foremost, and hopefully that love will shine through either way. 

Thanks for tuning in, see you on the hill.