Building Pingu Palace

Last weekend was full of firsts.  First time building an igloo (exciting and exhausting).  First time on a proper timelapse project (exciting and educational).  First time snowshoeing around the Abernethy Forest (pin drop quiet and stunningly beautiful).  Real boys and girls own adventure stuff.

A big thanks especially to Paul and Helen from Walkhighlands for looking after us on Friday night, Chris Townsend for being igloo guru and an inspired site foreman, and Phil Turner for making things happen and bringing it all together.  Oh, and Terry Abraham and Tanya Morgan for being there and as irrepressible as ever!  Terry was filming for his Kickstarter project 'Cairngorms in Winter', and I expect he'll have more for you on that front shortly.  I shoveled snow and did some driving.  And took a few pictures... about 1200 give or take.  983 of them are in the sequence above.

It was a good crew.  You can read about the build in detail from Chris here, and if you want the technical lowdown (i.e all the mistakes I made) on the timelapse, follow the direct video link here - but otherwise there's a few more shots from the weekend below.  Hope you enjoy.