Keith Foskett interview

Keith Foskett is a UK thru hiker who has tackled the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Pacific Crest Trail and now the Appalachian Trail both in the USA.  In this interview, I caught up with him just after he returned from the 2100miles of the AT. 

We've been meaning to do this since he came back from the PCT, so it was a real pleasure to finally sit down to chat, over a year later than originally planned and after his second big US walk.  Keith is a really humble guy and talks openly about his experiences on the walks, how they have changed his outlook, as well as the practical aspects of the 3 long distance trails he has completed.  

Keith has written 2 books about his travels and is writing a third - they are available directly from his website here 

The audio can also be downloaded here for use on mobile devices.  Many thanks to Terry Abraham and Josh Myers for use of their photographs.