Passing Places

We are not long back from visiting Harris, in the Outer Hebrides, for the first time.  It was quite unlike anywhere I've visited before, and made a real impression.  It wasn't a hiking trip, we had a 'proper holiday' and rented a tiny cottage for the first time in a long time.  We did manage a couple of overnight camps on Skye and some mountain walks and scrambles as well of course, but more about that next time.

So, while you wait with baited breath for expensive looking shots of gnarly mountain adventure, technically perfect sunsets and chocolate box beaches, I thought I'd show you another side of Harris.  If people's relationship with the land they live in, on and from gets more complex the further north I venture, then the Isles of St. Brides are a long way north. Welcome, you are now at the very edge of the Atlantic.