EMFF photo competition win

This shot won best photograph in the 'mountains and me' category at the 10th Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 2012.  A big thanks to everyone who voted for it on Facebook, and to EMFF for hosting the competition.

I haven't won a competition before so this was a nice result, especially the week after my first magazine cover.  Then again I haven't entered anything before - maybe I should do it more often.  I was there on Sunday night when they announced the winners to a packed audience, and to my shame I had an attack of shyness and didn't identify myself.  Didn't even put my hand up.  Idiot.  Something to learn from there.

A few details about the photo.  It was taken on the Trottenish ridge on Skye, and is of T, our shelter with the Moon and Venus above.  I used my old Panasonic LX3 because the batteries had died on the GF1, and the 'tripod' was our 2 litre cooking pot upturned on a rock just the other side of the burn we were camped by.  This was the 6th iteration of the shot - I guessed exposure until I got it right and the composition changed along the way too - so thanks to T for being patient and standing still on what was a very cold night, whilst I hunted for the best angle.

There's alot of distracting mumbo jumbo talked about the technical side of photography, and the irony is I might not have got this shot on the 'better' machine - the LX3 is a snappy operator in low light.  Yes its noisy because of the compact sensor and the focus is far from perfect, but it caught the moment, which is sometimes enough.  People have also said this is an unusual shot and that's part of the appeal, which is kind... but I don't see it as unusual, it's just what it feels like to me, high up and alone in the mountains surrounded by the sea.  I try to forget the tech as soon as I learn it.  That is not difficult, as tech is very dull.  The real question is what do I see, what do I want to see and how do I close the gap?  Photos are the nicest problems to solve.

Anyway, I'm glad people enjoyed the image enough to vote.  Kinda made my week and it was only Sunday.  Thanks.