The sea

One of the many advantages of living in Edinburgh is easy access to the coast.  Well, not just the coast.  Some of the best beaches in the UK are but a hop, skip and a jump away, and with water so clean you can see... to the bottom!  Strange but true.  Sunday we went to Fife, to Elie and the Chain Walk.  This is essentially a fun hour or two of mucking abart using fixed chains to scramble up and over some incredible coastal scenery.  Most of the photos posted tend to look a bit like this:

To be honest, it was good fun, but I was too busy pointing in the other direction.  The sea was flat.  The seals and birdlife made a plaintive orchestra, and not a breath of wind disturbed the mournful chorus.  The light did fairly weird and wonderful things all afternoon - sort of 'dark light' if that makes any sense, the blues and oranges of the sea and sky changing all the time.  A real treat.

Later on we went along to Newark Castle and on to Anstruther and the famous fish shop there.  The fish supper was so great I decided to lock the car with the keys inside.  We ate our food in the porch of a carpet shop, hiding from the rain, waiting for 'Ace Rescue'.  The perfect let down, summer ends.