Book Competition

I thought I'd lost my trusty old copy of Mountain Navigation by Peter Cliff when I moved, so I bought another.  Turned out it was being used a bookmark in another walking book, so I have a spare!

No doubt some of you are waaaay too clever and experienced to ever need to resort to such triffles, and can navigate using only the pull of the moon on the water in your bladder. But if, per chance, you are merely mortal and would like a brand spanking new copy of this classic and still excellent guide to all things map and compass, then please leave a comment with a short tale about the most memorable time you were 'geographically challenged'.

The sorry account could be an epic but equally needn't involve a near death experience or brown trouser moment at all - the best one might involve a short walk to the nearest pub - who knows?  The one I like the best shall be the proud owner of this great little manual, postage paid by yours truly.  Share your tales of mishaps and misadventures, comedic or otherwise, and win this little salutation to greater experience and modesty. 

Competition ends last day of August 2012, the winner will be announced as a comment/update to this post shortly after.  Cheers then.