Sidetracked and other news

I'm very happy to tell you I have a tale from my HRP trek in issue 6 of Sidetracked Magazine.  Regular visitors may have read an early draft of it last year, but I made a few changes for the redux, which appears here.
John Summerton has done an amazing job of helping tell the story graphically, and I'm in the pretty humbling company of Luc Mehl, Andre Buisse, Alastair Humphreys and a host of other proper adventurers.  Sidetracked is always a great and varied read, beautifully illustrated and with the feel of a printed magazine - well worth a look.  My mum is quite proud too!

In other news, I've begun researching the possibility of selling photographs online, as people seem to enjoy them, and I had one or two requests (both commercial and private) which initally left me at a loss with what to do.  The focus for the photographs will be archive quality, limited edition prints from a dedicated website, plus licensing.  I have little knowledge in command lines, HTML or CSS, so its a long and painful process.  My brief says small and beautiful - here's hoping.  I'm also working on material for two projects which in time might become photographic books.  A long way off probably.  Having scratched a living from music related shenanigans for the last decade or so, I'm enjoying my new day job and am under no illusions about being a freelance anythingEasy now.

In the meantime, its fun to go on trips, take pictures and learn how to get my averages up.  Please get in touch if you fancy any photos from the blog - past or future, digital, license, commission or print - and I'll do my best to make it happen.  Prints will be at or near cost price, whilst I firm up the relationships with printer and framer.  See something you like?  Let me know.

Here's another picture from the Haute Route Pyrenees.  Thanks for tuning in.