Skye plans

Last time I was in Skye was Easter 10 years ago.  This was before my backpacking days, I won't pretend I've been doing this forever.  A mate (also my boss at the time, and an Edinburgh native) and I hired a cheap place in Broadford, drank Talisker all night and then tried to haul ourselves out of bed in time to get washed off several hills we were in no way equipped to handle. 
I took the 2 pictures above on a rusty Zenit 35mm.  Russian, analog, metal.  Not a very good camera, and a worse photographer, I have slightly better photos from the week but none digitised, they are all still slides.

Anyway, that trip, aside from cementing a good friendship, also confirmed to me absolutely my desire to be in high, wild places as often as possible.  I'd always liked being out since forever, but Skye knocked me off my feet.  The bad step, the black Cuillin, the Quiraing and the Storr, it was all larger than life, the stuff of myths and legends, a fantastical world of rock and (one hell of a lot of) water.  We got lost on the Aird of Sleat, ate our way through a whole salmon and several pints of shellfish, and even scuffed and puffed our way up mud and scree to the infamous Table.  After that, I only went on walking trips for my holidays, although I didn't do any proper backpacking for another 5 years.  But that was it, I was smitten.

This time its a little different.  My better half and I are off to hike possibly the 2 finest short backpacking routes on the island - Sligachan to Camasunary bay via Loch Coruisk, with a try for Bla Bheinn via the southern ridge if the weather holds.  Then a night in the Seumas bar, and up early to walk the Trottenish ridge from Flodigarry to the Old Man of Storr, which is cherry picking a little but I want to show it off to T without the bog hopping at either end.  Should be a nice toner for the  2 week coast to coast in May, if all goes to plan.

The film below gives an idea of what's possible on Skye.  I'd love to be able to do this route myself one day.  Enjoy it, its a good watch.