Ben Ledi, spring

Out again north-ish today, making the most of the good weather.  To a corbett, Ben Ledi, which towers above the small town of Callander and welcomes all who cross the highland faultline with an easy going grace. 
We went up the southeast ridge and came down through Glen Stank chased by a little rain, turning to snow showers with a rainbow to finish.  The hill is simple walking and allowed a tempting although hazy view out west to the Arrochar Alps and beyond, and for us another perspective on Ben Vorlich to the east, which we had last seen up close a month or two ago.  A busy but friendly summit lunch, with a pie and some tea.  After the summit it gets more interesting, for me at least, passing a lovely lochan with an allegedly morbid past and across to Ben Vane, across bog and grasses with many promising nooks for a part sheltered pitch.  We ambled along that way but it was in vain after all, and watching the squalls meet out justice on various hills to the west we retreated downwards before getting too wet and soggy.  A fine day, high contrast skies, the water in my trail shoes just a little too cold to be comfortable just yet.  Right on the cusp of spring.

the southeast ridge

T descending towards the north ridge

Ben Vane - the white hill
Lochan nan corp

Looking east towards Ben Vorlich

Glen Stank