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As you may have seen already, the behemoth that is Google is stopping 'google friend connect' for non-blogger sites as of March 1st, 2011.

I've never really liked it to be honest, I stopped using it myself a while ago.  I'll remove it from this site in a few days.  Thankfully, most readers here are subscribed by other means, but if perchance 'Friend Connect' is your means of staying abreast of this tiny corner of the interweb, please consider following anew, by subscribing to Self Powered - HERE

Although the above link is the best way of getting new posts, you can also follow my occasional profound utterances on Twitter and/or Facebook, where new post alerts appear as well as other bits and bobs - mostly music, film, and politics related. 

Anyway, I'd be really sorry to see you go, so please, by all means (except G.F.C.) keep in touch.  I appreciate the comments and sharing of ideas - yes, even yours.