'HaRPin' On' - Trip Report Bundles Now Available

The Trip Report is finally finished.  Its good to work on a labour of love but its good to finish too.  If you donated, please make sure you email me at davepowered AT gmail DOT com if you want the words, pictures and sounds from the coast to coast Haute Route Pyrenees Trip in the summer.   

I have already sent the first batch of download links, so keep an eye out for an email, and don't forget to check your 'spam' box if you've not had an email from me before, just in case it ends up there.  There are 3 links, all fairly large downloads for which a broadband connection is highly recommended.  I'd appreciate if you'd  keep these links secure and don't share them - please encourage people to give instead. 

Thanks for the support, those who gave it - you know who you are.  Many of you are part of the backpacking community, and its this kind of participation that makes a community real - we helped others and not just ourselves.  So, the downloads are a way of saying thanks, giving a little back to you in return.  I'd be really interested to know what you think about the bundle, whether you enjoy it and also what could be better, so please feedback via twitter or the comments box below. 

If you didn't yet donate (where have you been?!) but would like the info, then please go HERE and push the button. A minimum £10 gets you nearly 4 hours of live-as-it-happened mp3 trip report and field recordings, 12 large size screensavers, a 20 minute photo and video slideshow, a gear review of every single item I took tested over 64 consecutive days including some A-B comparisons, and some technical info on the route, including 10 pages of updates to the current English guidebook published by Cicerone. You can of course donate more, which will make me very happy, although you can rest assured I will not otherwise benefit - 100% of the money goes to 2 great causes.  Half the money to an educational charity and half to a conservation charity, so you can feel twice as nice about giving ;)

Remember, if I don't have your email and amount/date of donation, I can't send you the links...

Have a fantastic new year everybody.