We're in!

Summit of Bidean nam Bian, our first munro, may 2010

Crikey.  It seems providence has smiled and Tanya and I will be (re)introduced to Scotland under the fine tutelage of the moderators for the TGO challenge 2012. 

The TGOC is about camaraderie.  The TGOC is not competitive.  The TGOC is a celebration of the finest hill country in the UK.  Bless you, Hamish Brown.

It'll be great to meet so many kindred spirits, including some fellow bloggers whose work I've long admired.  There's still quite a bit to do before then.  Like moving from London to Edinburgh.  I suppose it'll all settle down, and this will be an amazing way to celebrate our arrival and get to know our new home just a little bit more.  My nanna from Inverness would have approved, so this post is for her.  I just hope there's enough time to do some route planning.