Andy's HRP photos

photo: Andy 'Thorne' Reynolds

This is a post to tell you about my mate Andy's photos from his HRP traverse, which are now online HERE.  They are great, especially the ones of flora and fauna, and show another take on the journey through similar terrain, as well the section we walked together. 

Firm friendships are made or frayed on these big walks and I'm happy to say that I consider the geezer above right to be a brother from another mother.  He's a modest man but its worth pointing out he did 3/5's of the walk solo, including a ton of summits on the remote Andorran stage, which is no mean feat.  On the last stage, we made a kickass team.  Checks and balances, no pride, how it should be.

The photo above is a timer shot he set up when we got in to Banyuls after 2 months.  The official finish of the walk is the same as the GR10, the hotel on the seafront which has this tiled artwork on it.  The English tourists look at you funny when you come into town, but a few of the locals give you the nod.