Mountain people, walking people - a love story (part ii)

Self portrait - Estany Negre, lake of many flies and an angry deer

Tim, has your back - Palas

Mark, understandably pensive after the mountain bit back - Palas

Nic and Andy, a good day in good company - Valle Pleasance

Sam, HRP walker and gentleman - Refuge de Viados

Tanya, goddess of rock - Valle de Remune

Sarah, jedi master long distance walker - Estany de Llavera

Thomas and friends, after a wild camp epiphany - Refuge de Certascan

Humphrey and friend, the Dude Abides - Pla de Boet

Matt, HRP walker and ultralight traveller - Coma Pedrosa

Yann, 21st century shepherd, knows what time it is - road approach, Canigou

Andy, HRP thru hiker, navigates natures wonders - beech forest near journeys end

And to all the others I met but didn't manage a photo, including Jay & Ci Ci, Chris & Jan, Jean-Michelle, Cederic, Lex, and Julian, bon voyage and thanks.

I walked the HRP for 2 great charities - the JMT and Soundmix.  If you didn't donate yet, you can still do that, here  Everyone who donates £10 or more gets a Trip Report bundle.  The blog will not contain the full report.  Donate, then send your details to davepowered(you know where)gmail(you know what) com and you'll get a report when its done.  Thanks