A day before I left for the Haute Route I saw a tweet for a part time job with the John Muir Trust, the environmental trust I raised money for alongside Soundmix.  I applied sitting in a room surrounded by dried food, maps and batteries on a whim and a prayer - since I wasn't around for the interviews in the summer, it was academic.

Then, on my trip I heard from them.  I dropped down from the tops to do 2 telephone interviews, and when I got back I went to Edinburgh to meet them.  They offered me some work, and I'm going to take it.  It doesn't pay much but its a start.  It means moving to Edinburgh by the New Year. 

This is a big shock to me, I didn't expect anything like this to happen.  It means a massive change for both my girlfriend and I, but chances like this don't present themselves every day, and when they do, they are worth taking.

It'll mean being nearer the Scottish hills that I love and am eager to learn more about, and working for an organisation that is doing something radical and positive at a time when big money and small politics are running amok.  It means living in a city in proportion, a city where I can climb a hill in the park and see the edges, and the sea.

I can't wait.