Tuc de molieres

Still feeling sore after our close shave with the elements on Aneto,
we continued on through a surreal landscape of massive polished
boulders to the Col de Molieres, at 2928ms one of the more difficult
passes of the trip. The weather held off but we overshot the col
completely. A young French hiker, Nicolas, who was also
'geographically challenged' with 2 friends, helped us find our way to
the ridge port, a near vertical scramble, in the end. We walked past
this 3010m top on our way.

Crossing the border from France to Spain and back again so many times
calls to mind those who cross borders for far more complex and less
favourable reasons: refugees from politics and war and other man made
follies. We just have our knees, stomachs and the weather to think
about - How much more difficult must their journeys be?

Today we arrived in Salardu, a mountain town in the Valle d'Aran,
which is very definitely under development and being gentrified. A
rest day follows, and then onto Andorra. The third stage has been an
intense and incredible journey in alpine conditions.

Thanks everyone who has supported with donations for the 2 charities.
Those who want to can still donate below.
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