Stage 5 - thru hiking

After a while you take what you can get. In our case that was a flat
pitch next to a ski run. It wasn't our finest hour but there was a
fire circle and a good wood supply. Overnight we had the first frost
and sub zero temperatures, a restless night for walkers equipped for
True to form, the mountains change again, after the prayer flags at
the col de coume d'Agnel. The horizon opens ever wider and the tops
expose the collisions of plates and upshift that created the range.
Around the summit of Carlit, a huge desert of alpine tundra grows,
dotted with lakes, deer and dams. The enormous and exposed Noarre
ridge challenges with biting gusts and intimidating shale and scree
contours, a visceral high line drawn up in the land. On the approach
to Canigou (summit pictured), the last great peak of the oriental
Pyrenees, sunset silhouetted open vistas speak of the green
Mediterranean plains ahead, and the end of this crossing. There are
also more day trippers and out of season ski resorts, as well as
dolmens and henges, evidence of lives past lived and previous attempts
to understand our environment.
Andy and I met in Lescun, and met up again in the valle d'eyne. He is
a true lover of nature, and of science, and this is his first long
distance walk too. We seem to walk well together, keep good pace. We
wend our way towards the sea again, not wanting the walk to end, but
compelled to keep walking. We are stubborn, driven, drawn on. We are
at home.
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