Aneto is the highest peak in the Pyrenean range at 3405ms. We left at
7am in good weather for a 1400m climb and our first ice glacier. At
12.15 and 3190ms we turned back in heavy rain and hail. The lightning
storm was just the other side of the summit, about a mile or two away.
We were around 40minutes from the top.
We arrived back at Renclusa at 5pm both disappointed and exhausted
after 10 hours of walking, but knowing we had made the right decision.
Walking on the the blue moraine of an ice glacier was utterly
captivating. We saw storm water flow between rock and ice and between
us and both, and watched giant rivulets of the stuff form like
animated worm castes in fast motion. Incredible. Weird. Harsh. A peak
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