The Pinnacle...pimped which we continue our mini series of ultra low/no rent solutions to: good problems to have.

The Go-Lite Pinnacle is a 70litre load carrier and my only multi day rucksack.  I'd like to try others in time but I've had other gear priorities this year.  It works for me because on longer trips I can pack food with impunity.  When I backpack I use trekking poles, so my hands are usually full.  I wanted to deal with map, camera and water - to make them easy to access whilst on the move and not have a muddle of straps criss-crossing my torso.  Enter, my good lady of the pins and needles.

First, water.  I don't use a platy straw/tube thing, for longer trips its not worth the maintenance, in my view.  The Delios Water Filter is really great for instant water on the go, as Alan points out.  You just fill up from a stream and pop the lid back on and squeeze - good for 1000ltrs, cleans to 2 microns, tastes lovely.  After an extensive 'design consultation process' T sewed velcro onto the strap of the pinnacle, and then onto the little blue bag which comes with the Delios.

She added a popper at the top to provide extra strength for when the bottle is 300ml's full.  Result, water handy at all times.

Next, camera.  Alot of people like to have it round their necks, but I don't, it gives me neck ache.  My LX3 used to sit on the side strap just lovely, but the GF1 is too big for that, so it goes in a new LowePro 110aw bag on the chest strap, which also contains filters, batteries and cards.  To make sure this doesn't pull my arms or stress the material in the wrong way, I added a carabiner to take the load, and a cable tie to hold the bag in place when I release the chest strap.  Note, the (red) carabiner is threaded through the plastic where the chest strap meets the vertical strap - I don't think the chest strap was designed to take vertical load but this way it can't work its way down.  The smaller 2nd silver carabiner in this picture is overkill and needs removing, but you get the idea - the camera bag pulls down instead of across, the cable tie stops the camera shooting off down the hill when I take my rucksack off. 

Last, and most important, mappage.  This is a permanent tiny headache - I need to be able to get at it easily, or else bad habits form and I find I don't check the map as often as I should.  Carrying is not an option with poles, and a case/strap round the neck is impractical in wind and with other gear just tangles up.  Solution, 3 small bands of elastic on t'other shoulder strap...

2 across to hold it vertical, 1 under to stop it falling out.  Easy field repair, costs almost nothing from local habberdashery (or in T's case, her spares toolbox).  Job done.  Map will not flap about in a breeze and take my eye out, but is always to hand (Ortlieb waterproof case optional).

I have no idea what these mods weigh but it can't be more than 10-15 grams at most. It makes the bag much more useful, and means I can keep compass, knife, snacks and harmonica in the hip belt pockets where I need them.

Et Voila, the Pinnacle, pimped.  Sort of.  Its more South London than South Central, but I can live with that.