Meet Team HRP

Joining me at several points on the HRP will be some of my closest allies, most of whom have appeared on this blog before in some shape or form, but I thought you might like to say hallo properly:
Tanya Morgan: is the love of my life and a globe trotter extraordinaire when I met her.  Now, she regularly stoops to my level and comes on walks with me to stop me getting lost, so you'll have seen T mentioned alot around these parts.  She is a costume tailor in her working life and this makes her a devil for detail and as stubborn as a mule, both great attributes in a walker.  She also lives with me, so she knows what a pain in the mule I can be.

Tanya is walking from Cauterets to Salardu via Ordesa in the hottest, highest, pointiest and snowiest part of the range. She is bringing the winter kit needed for our attempt on Aneto, at 3404ms the highest top in the Pyrenees.

Tim Mitchell: has a big heart and is all round lover of the arts, especially the noisy, DiY stuff.  He is a photographer and arts educator in his working life and once cycled across Canada west to east.  Last year I was honoured to be his best man at the best and most magical beach party wedding I have ever been to - I think I'm still recovering from speech duties.  You'll pay.

Tim is walking from Lescun to Gavarnie via Ordesa.  We will be trying for the summit of Tallion via Goriz if the weather allows.

Mark Aitken: is an ex flat mate and Enfant Terrible of the London film scene.  What he doesn't know about independent movie making probably isn't worth knowing - he's even writing a book about it.  He also knows a thing or 2 about adventures - walking the Camino de Santiago, cycling in Laos and getting shot at in South Africa.  He's a film maker and arts educator in his working life.  Bloody auteurs (says the bloody amateur). 

Mark is walking with me from Lescun to Cauterets via the Chemin de la Mature, Pic du Midi 
d'Ossau and the Col de Palais.

Thomas Zagrosek: is another old and dear friend, with whom I worked as a tech way back in the bad ole days.  The photo shows him at Faust's Schiphorst farm festival chilling out before more marathon drinking and wrong music.  I could have used other photos but this is a clean(ish) blog.  He's a film technician in his working life, he loves the Residents and 70's disco with equal fervor and he'll make you wiggle to both under the alias DJ Krautpleaser. 

Thomas is walking from Salardu to Hospitalet pres l'Andorre in the most remote and lonesome part of the Pyrenees, with only me for company - pity the fool.

The fact that these 4 are gonna come and meet me on the way is already a huge boost - it means I won't go completely native and disappear up my own alpine behind - they'll bring me back to earth, ensure I have some dates to meet, food to eat and friends to share these incredible mountains with.  They are  raising money for the JMT and the Soundmix project as well, via the link below.  Also, they are all ever so slightly mental, so I'm in excellent company.  Thanks you guys.

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