We are the robots

I have finally got my head around a little mobile blogging - as usual I was making it all way too complicated. 
Here's the first image I sent from my iphone - Keswick co-op has obviously seen better days.

I'm not hugely interested in spending all my time outside staring at a tiny screen - I prefer to spend more time in what cyber geeks call 'meatspace'.  Aside from that, I don't have the battery for it...or do I?  However, a long trip coming up means it might be good to try some of the modern stuff like what the yoof are doing.  It'll save me trying to find an internet cafe, trying to convince the staff to let me plug in my phone to upload photos (I only shoot in raw on the grown up camera, so that ain't gonna happen till I get back), and that, plus this new fangled thing they call Social Hiking means my mum won't worry so much.

The new tab, above right, called 'Ou est le Dave?' may shortly contain a live map showing where I am, depending on my battery, reception and ability to stab like a demented geriatric at the phone digits in the right order.  I will test it this weekend on a mini backpack with a friend - if you don't hear anything, it means MI5 have finally caught up with me.

I have discovered that if you add text after the picture in an email on iphone, it doesn't spit out at the other end.  Only the text before the image does, and weirdly blogger places this after.  Its one picture per post via email as well, as far as I can make out.  Oh well, the posts are going to look kinda skanky, and the iphone camera is from the dark ages, but its better than nothing.