An appeal

the col de mulets - zen perfection

That's that then, I've booked the train tickets.  One way, to Hendaye, there's no escaping it now.
Starting on the 28th June I am walking from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast in the high, wild mountains of the Pyrenees.  That's quite a long way, about 500-600 miles dependent on the exact route, with about 40km of ascent - that's, erm, 8 Everests (gulp).  It will take 6-8 weeks and I'm walking for 2 charities.  

But, I need your help. 

Sponsor me a penny a mile (lets call it £5 or the euro/dollar equivalent...and more if you can afford ;) to help protect wilderness areas for future generations, and bring arts and music classes to war orphans in need of some therapy, rest and recreation.  I'll be writing more about WHY in a future post.

Your support will also help keep me going because this is going to hurt, as well as be fun - Go on, pay for my pain!

  • You can also follow my preparation and progress on this blog.  I'll be mobile blogging as often as I can whilst away, and of course reporting back afterwards.  Everyone who donates at least £10 gets a free PDF book/photo diary of the journey (you lucky people!).  Just email me with 'Pyrenees-book' in the subject title once you have donated.
  • the Facebook event page is here, if you use FB then please circulate the event as widely as possible.
  • Lastly, please let your (backpacking) friends and family know about this if you think they would be interested.

It only needs to be a penny a mile from everyone to make a big difference.  If you can afford more that's fantastic.  All the money goes straight to the charities, there's no entrance fee or admission to pay, its a self funded and organised endeavour.


P.S. if u can help promote this walk, please let me know in the comments.   If you want to join the adventure for a week or two, there is still time to sign up - its a total of 4 so far.