No time like the present

Scarfell Pike, 2008

There is no more time left.  Been working like dogs recently and now we're off to Cumbria for the first time in 3 years. 
The new tarp got seam sealed at my folks last weekend, and so the end of the week means packing and a 4am start to Ambleside for a 9 day circuit.  Its not really about the summits this one, although we do have eyes on a few.  Instead, trying out some new boots and panties, and route wise its a tweak on the Trail 20th anniversary 'haute route', which looks like a good jumping off point for seeing some things we haven't and passing by some old favourites.  That, decompressing and finding our feet again.  A slow and low start but hopefully we'll get taller and fitter as we go. 

Striding edge, 2008