MYOG solutions - whitebox pot stand

I really love the Whitebox stove - anything with no moving parts has to be designed really well.  It burns like the clappers, weighs next to nothing, is relatively cheap and is tough enough that I haven't managed to break it.  The main problem is stability
- in real 'field' conditions, with uneven ground and a bit of a breeze going, it can't be trusted to keep the pot on top.  Add to that driver error, like waking up knackered and setting up on a wobbly surface, and you can end up with with scalding water and burning meths all over the place.  After I burnt a hole in my trousers last year on an HRP section hike, I've been thinking about a possible solution.

This was my first effort, made out of a coat hanger.

It was rubbish.  The pan wobbled, the wire was too inflexible and a positive contact wasn't made between the top of the stove and the pan, which is needed to pressurise the fuel properly.  The tree that does not bend in the wind will break in the wind, so say camping ninja.  Bin it.

I tried garden stores and hardware stores, all too bendy.  I couldn't use the BPLUK Honey stove (review upcoming) as a stand because our 2 person 1.7ltr AGG pot is too large to fit inside the perimeter of the top, so again full fuel pressure on the whitebox wouldn't happen.  Finally I chanced upon a solution.

The second effort is made out of hat wire (one of the advantages of living with a tailor). 

This, crucially, is strong enough to 'catch' any wobbles with a big pot full of boiling water, but flexible enough to let the pot sit firmly on top of the stove, making full contact.  It bends to fit the ground it rests on and fits nicely inside the pot itself for packing.  It weighs just a few grams and so far has not gone brittle through heat exposure.  I know it looks like hell but I don't have the time, space or patience for making stuff that looks perdy, and if it does break it will not cost the earth to replace.

Strength, simplicity, flexibility.  Camping ninja happy.  Its a bit of wire and I like it alot.