Secret Wales - a film

a leaf imprint on tarmac seen yesterday on the March for the Alternative...

Please try to make the time to watch this excellent film called Secret Wales.  The other pages
on the Cambrian Mountains website are also really informative.

For me there are 3 crucial problems with wind turbines:
  1. Efficiency - The energy produced is low output, and cannot be stored.  They don't work on the national grid system at all.  It simply a bad way to make energy given the costs...
  2. Ecology - The turbines damage the very areas renewable energy purports to protect.  The production of magnets used is highly polluting.  The access roads physically destroy the land and the windmills the landscape.  This has appalling consequences for wild life and for local economies highly dependent on tourism.
  3. Economy - They are a rip off - companies, landowners and local authorities are abusing the subsidy system to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds, whilst the rest of us pay for this in our utility bills.  This is happening everywhere from Scotland, Wales and England to Greece and Italy.  Its actually a global issue, but for us in the UK, its definitely nation-wide.

I don't want to go on too much, so I'll leave it with you.  Alan's excellent blog is the place for the all the nitty gritty, if you want to learn more after watching the film.