Chris Townsend interview part 3 - writing (and the Grateful Dead)

A word on the shows:

  • Firstly, a massive thanks to CT for being so generous with his time.  Please bear with the bloke asking the questions - I promise I'll learn how to shut up more ;p
  • All 3 hours of interviews are free to stream, but if you enjoy, a small donation to the John Muir Trust's wild land campaign would no doubt be appreciated.  (I've written to them to ask they add a paypal button to their site).  Their link is here:  If you are listening outside the UK, why not donate to a conservation charity of your choice.  Or better still, join one of these groups. 
  • These shows are not podcasts and cannot be downloaded (I liked the music Chris chose, I added a few songs, and wanted to leave it in for the online version).  Mixcloud contains licensing information and links to protect and promote the music you hear in the shows.
  • There are plans for another mini series, if ResonanceFM will have me back, later on in the year.  I have 2 amazing long distance dudes already confirmed, so watch this space. 
  • There is a final show in this run happening next week, with 2 more very special guests - I'll post about that in the next day or so.
As always, thanks for tuning in.