Cairngorms flkr set

Here's some photos from the Cairngorms - again, some you may have seen on the blog, some you haven't, and all in better resolution.

Here they are, JH.

(Or, if you prefer, you can also use the wibya gizmo on the bottom bar for photo viewing - in page, but not as big)

Its strange to look at these.  Most of them are exactly as they fell out of the camera, very little post-processing at all.  Maybe its the increased contrast from the snow, or air quality that can be grainy damp, or icily dry - but some of them look posterized, then others very clear, even though there might only be minutes between shots.  Others have solitary islands of colour and look doctored (a mate calls it 'schindlering', after this very funny website), or 'the walker' looks posed, neither of which is the case - these are true stories, at least as true as any photograph can be.

But I kind of like these accidental cartoons.  The one above just makes me laugh.  I like the symmetry of the axe and the figure, with a giant ice griffin crouched in front of her.  Winter light and snow cover makes everything look immense.  The image is never the same though, it puts light on a pedestal and makes it directional: when you are there, the light is everywhere, it envelopes.  But its something I guess.