A big thankyou

A massive CHEERS to Alan Sloman and Andy Howell for yesterday's appearance on the final show of 4 for Resonance FM
- they were both great company, enthusiastic and informative guests, and it was fun doing the first fully live show.  Lots of issues raised, hopefully some clarified and others publicised a bit - its all grist, at least I hope so.  I heard already that a few heads were turned in London town, and that can't hurt.  Bon Chance to both of them.

I'll aim to have the final show up in a week or two, for those who didn't catch it.  You can find all the links to the shows under the Sounds tab.

Then again, all this talk of politrix is quite taxing on the brain cell, so the better half and I are off early tomorrow for a couple of days in a little cottage half way up a Berwyn, to read Ed Abbey, stare at the log fire, drink red wine and get lost in the Moelwyns - can't wait!