Andy Howell & Alan Sloman on the radio - Tues 22.2.11

This coming Tuesday, I will be in great company for the last in this run of shows on Resonance FMAndy Howell and Alan Sloman are joining me live in the studio to have a conversation about conservation, drawing on some of the ideas that have been framed so well by the UK outdoors community over the last few months.

This follows 3 shows with the mighty Chris Townsend earlier this month, where we discussed some of the philosophical, political, economic and ecological challenges to wild land and Chris shared something of his inspiration and love of Scotland, camping and walking. 

Its telling that when I scanned the free London Metro paper on Friday, I couldn't find a single column inch written on the success of the campaign to prevent the forestry sell off.  Not one word about the forests at all.  Nothing to see here, move along.  I know its not a 'serious' paper, but it does have the 4th largest readership in the country.  It's also how many young people get their news...or don't.

But what next for the land?
  • Estimates of non-accessible land seem to range between 60-80% as it stands at present - will we ever get access to this land, or will it remain the province of the landed gentry?  
  • Can the woods we do have access to, be managed better than at present, and how?  
  • What are the implications of the forest campaign success for other campaigns and the protection of remote places in the future?   
  • Just what exactly is Alan building in there?!   

Tune in on Tuesday if you can...