Radio Interviews - old and new

Self powered is coming to radio.  There's 4, 1hr long shows planned on Resonance FM, tuesdays 5.30-6.30pm every week for the whole of February.  You can catch them on 104.4Fm if you live in London, or more likely HERE if you don't.
The first show is on TUESDAY 1ST FEBRUARY, 5.30PM.

Whilst in the Cairngorms I was lucky enough to hang out with Chris Townsend for a good part of a day.  The focus of the interview was walking, his own writing and others that inspire him, and access, conservation and ecology, taking about recent decisions such as Dunmaglass and the forestry sell off,  and the implications these have for both the environment and 'green' politics.  Chris has also chosen alot of the music - I have a suspicion that he's a DJ in sunglasses and puffy jacket somewhere in a parallel universe not too far away - some great tracks.  This extended interview will form the basis of the first 3 weeks of shows.  We also chatted about photography, music, film and of course, the inevitable - gear choice, but these do not feature as much - sorry, gear junkies!

I'm definitely not a 'pro' journalist and as I edit all this very gingerly, there's all sorts of toe curling bits with me talking too much, stammering, sniffing (end of flu compounded by quitting smoking) and generally making a bit of a berk of myself, but what the hell, Chris was brilliant company and didn't bat an eye at the multitude of schoolboy errors.  Anyway, I hope you can tune in... 

...And in the meantime, HERE is the archive of the the radio interview I did before christmas, for the same station, shooting the breeze about backpacking with fellow walker, film maker and radio host Mark Aitken.  Its on a site called 'soundcloud' - just hit the play button, or you can download it if you're a member, which is free.  I can't promise its anywhere near as good as CT, but once I got over my initial nerves it wasn't as painful to listen back to as I expected.  Then again, you may disagree!

Lastly, I also want to extend the offer of further interviews to other long distance walkers - if you have spent months walking, I'd love to hear from you.