Mound of the Shepherd

A mid level walk to the Corbett of Meall a' Bhuachaille.  From Glenmore village, to Ryvoan Bothy, by a wide thawing path.  Up through silent trees in rows, then slowly down through older ones, alone.  Olives, candles, firewood and loo roll, left from Hogmanay.


T predicts a change in the weather as we make the first walk up post flue, I'll be practicing the snot rocket all the way then, much to her disgust.  A nice little snow cloud will however descend within a few minutes, weather armour on.  Og, we're out of shape!

Sitting at the summit with an RSPB worker, a nurse, numb hands and sandwiches.  And another gent, who came and went.  A bit blowy.  Abort the rest of the ridge and away to Loch Morlich, heads down into the driving wind and snow.  After food, we're enjoying it more, its brisk and brassic, the weather electric. 

Later the weather is left up on the hill, and there's a gentle path in late light to the village, a stream on our right.  As we descend further, the trees have been felled by the forestry commission to leave only the indigenous species.  But they are unused to being left alone without any support, have grown too high in the competition, so look forlorn and seem to struggle amongst the now dead, stumps.

And then into older forest, to cross the road and walk right to the edge of the loch, check out the shop and catch the bus back to An Aghaidh Mhòr.

Buy gloves, eat rehydrated risotto and drink too much red wine.  Bed by 10pm.  A good first stagger.