Ice Axe Modifications

Preparations for our week in Scotland - I really hope it hasn't ALL thawed. 

After hemorrhaging much cash in the last month, I decided I could live without plastic pick, adze and spike covers, priced at £8 a set (and bound to get lost on a hill somewhere).  I made these ones out of christmas wrapping paper cardboard inners, and gaffer tape.  They'll protect our kit when the axe is in the bag for the train journey.  When we're up there, the axe can sit on the side of the pack, or will be in use.  The bit of rubber band hold the two covers together, and is stuck down with white gaffer, which in turn can be used to cover the adze when we are doing our practice self arrests.

Here's a leash I 'made' out of some old sleeping bag sack webbing that had broken off.

Here's the spike, with some 'skateboard tape' stuck on for grip.  The BD raven pro doesn't come with a grip, which is better for using the axe as a walking stick, but I thought a little extra grippyness wouldn't hurt.  

I got about a foots worth, for the grand total of £1, from my local bike/skate co-op.  They were so nice about it, that they deserve a mention.  If you live in London, and cycle or skate, use Brixton Cycles.