Radio Interview on Resonance FM

I've been asked to appear on a radio show to talk about 'roaming'. 

This is a bit humbling really, because there are many out there who are better qualified than me to do this.  Still I'll take my chances and do my best.  If you fancy listening to me tripping over myself as I discuss putting one foot in front of the other, under sky and over rock and water, then please tune in!  I might even get to play a couple of tunes.

The show is called I can Hear the Grass Grow and is on Resonance 104.4FM at 5pm GMT, Wednesday 10th November, 2010. 

Here's the schedule, where you can add it to your calender if you wish.  Reception is limited to central London so internet listening is probably better for most - here's the link to that page, just click on 'mp3 listen' and you should get a 3mu file which will connect you to the stream.