Pyrenees Trip Report - day 4

Woke with this in my head, which took the edge of the same scenario weather wise - cold, dark, dreich.  Wet boots and stodgy porridge, we're slow to break camp.  But finally around 9am the cloud starts to blow away to the south, we see a slither of blue and some peaks are revealed.

Our spirits lift markedly and we start up to the Col, easily finding our way now.  Its a fairly long march to Arlet in breaking cloud on a blustery ridge, with flotillas of vultures and the odd eagle swooping in for a closer look.

We begin to see other walkers coming the other way from the refuge, who are hugely friendly and ask directions.  We are glad to be able to see a little of the mountains and even begin to dry out a little.

Arriving at Arlet around 1pm, we debate whether to stay and dry out fully or move on....which we do.  The weather really clears properly after lunch as we walk through the Montagne de Barnasse, and we are rewarded with the first real views and extended walk of the trip - it has begun, finally!

We know we won't reach Somport that night, but after contouring round Pic d'Arri we find a beautiful, secluded spot by the river on flat ground with tree cover, wash, cook over wood, and feel a good deal better than the night before.  We are happy campers at last!