Pyrenees Trip Report - day 2

Awake to low, grey cloud and permanent drizzle.  At the least the storm has passed for now.  Early to the village to buy bread and chocolate, check the phone for the last of the loose ends - note to self, always leave a 'I'm away' message in future.  Not for us, the Pic 'd Anie in this kind of weather, we're not masochists.  So it's 'the second verse, same as the first' - Lac de Lhurs again, this time by the official path, and in soupy mist. 

There's much to enjoy despite the almost total lack of views - our gaze rests on nature near, subtle hues, a reduced colour palette.

Its an eerie, almost silent 3 hours to the top mostly along a forest ridge.  The trees are in charge of our journey now.

Water drips and seeps into earth and onto rock, we walk our silvered line approach, a clammy cloak of protection, dew in our hair, mist in our eyes and cotton in our ears.

We get to the lake but barely know we've arrived.  The cloud parts for a few seconds only, enough to hint at glory but nothing more.  Its a lonely place and the wind is twitchy.

Back down, in proper rain now, the track turning to slush, and a second night of electrical storms, this time for 14 hours.