Pyrenees Trip Report - day 14

Up and out by 8.15am under heavy cloud, with the hope of the Breche, we'll push our luck and see how far it will stretch.

A little way beyond the hotel, the path ahead is obscured by fresh earthworks from the previous nights storm, so we opt for the cascade first.  A guide ahead is unsure enough to reach for his map, so we don't feel too inadequate, just a little.  Water on both sides and ahead of us sounds about right, we'll go this way.

Incredible how much the landscape changes when framed by a little weather - even here, every step is a step of faith, imagination fills in the gaps. 

The grande cascade looms out of the mist after about 10minutes.  Then the cloud suddenly opens out a little and we see more of the cirque, with many more petit cascades still falling off the rock from the storm.

Its amazing to see it in the dreik like this, its prehistoric, muscular.

We um and arr for about an hour, trying to decipher the way up through new rockfall, what the weather will do next (predicted bad, we're still hoping!) and whether we have the stomach for 1300m up and the same again down in whats left of the day.

We haven't - we're tired and sore from our little trek, and need a rest.  Having seen the cirque in full thunder and lightning last night, we don't want to get caught out.  So we have an early lunch, and amble on a great little path to Refuge du Pailla along cutaway cliffs, with the town under us.  Its a lovely relaxed and quiet saunter, well worth it.

We get back to the tent just before the storm sets in again, and a two hour siesta makes us realise we were right not to go up - the Breche and Odessa will have to wait until next time, and next time we will build in proper rest days to our schedule, which we failed to do this time.

We go and get a pizza in town and feel a bit deflated.  Its ended with a whimper, not a bang.  Ce ca, so be it.  We'll take it easy tomorrow and go home satisfied, its been a truly awesome two weeks in the mountains.