Pyrenees Trip Report - day 1

An immediate hitch from a friendly Marseillan, straight off the bus.  The road from Pont de Lescun would have been a nasty way to start otherwise - its long.  When we get there, we see something like this

Lescun is in a wonderful, quiet cirque graced with chloroform soaked pasture, and garnished with a tidy little grocery, a couple of gites, a post office in the village and a good campsite outside.  We planned to grab a couple of days climbing the Pic d' Anie and exploring, before walking a stage of the HRP to Gavarnie.

We got bedded down and set off for the Lac de Lhurs.  I typically bite off more than I can chew on the first day, so we try to make a circular route, opting for a smaller sentier that leads us into dense, woody country and then stops, instead of taking the main path up to the Lac.  Its hot, then rainy.  A bit of steep off-roading up and across a beautiful stream, we end up lost (or 'temporarily unaware of our precise location' depending on whose definition we're using) in the forests, all the time knowing the lake was 'just over there' with Pic d'Ansabere glowering above us. 

Beaten back by the humidity, some not inconsiderable undergrowth and enormous man-eating horse flies, we retreat to camp.  An hour later and the skies open, thunder bouncing around the cirque, a soggy end to the first day in an already slightly too porous tent.