my Pyrenees hurt

I'm not really that comfortable posting pictures of people, especially us, as the main subject.  It feels a little self-centred when walking is, for me at least, partly about leaving the 'self' - losing it, not finding it.  Being quiet enough to listen to the landscape, which has more to say, more eloquently than I can ever manage.  Anyway, I got weirdly transfixed when I looked at at a few shots, seeing our body language change over the two weeks.

right up the Col
working on that thousand yard stare...

...broadsword to danny boy

apprentice fremen!

Yesterday, a work colleague described our little walk as 'completely cutting yourself off'.  He wasn't being unkind, it just seemed that way to him.  Isn't that funny - far from it, and from what, my good man?!  Do you want the red pill, or the blue pill...