Keith Foskett interview

Keith Foskett is a UK thru hiker who has tackled the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Pacific Crest Trail and now the Appalachian Trail both in the USA.  In this interview, I caught up with him just after he returned from the 2100miles of the AT. 

We've been meaning to do this since he came back from the PCT, so it was a real pleasure to finally sit down to chat, over a year later than originally planned and after his second big US walk.  Keith is a really humble guy and talks openly about his experiences on the walks, how they have changed his outlook, as well as the practical aspects of the 3 long distance trails he has completed.  

Keith has written 2 books about his travels and is writing a third - they are available directly from his website here 

The audio can also be downloaded here for use on mobile devices.  Many thanks to Terry Abraham and Josh Myers for use of their photographs.

Haute Route Pyrenees - Trip Report

Those who follow the blog regularly will know that I'm not going to publish the full report here - that's reserved for those who donate £10 or more to the charities I chose to raise money for by doing the walk.   If you fancy getting more of an insight, donate, then send your details to davepowered(you know where)gmail(you know what)com - let me know your name, email, what you donated and when.... and you'll get a report when its done.

What will that look like?  Here's what I'm working on:

1. An audio report.  Thought long and hard about this one, nothing does it justice, but the audio diary I made at the time is more immediate than writing up a journal after the fact from a badly scrawled notebook, so audio it is.

2. A slideshow.  The terrain and the story.  A big walk is a proper yarn so it is.

3.  The best 10 or so as screensavers, full size jpegs.  Maybe some prints as well, if people are interested.  These would be at cost plus a donation, any and all money raised from this venture is going to the two charities, forever.  

4. A folder of resources:  the maps required, good (and not so good) resupply points, route reflections and amendments to the Cicerone Joosten guide, which is a problematic but still useful book, and a breakdown of the kit I took and how it performed over 2 months from coast to coast.  Some A-B test results in there too as friends had different kit.

It might take a few months to get this together...

Recording the days audio report in a cave used by climbers attempting 'the portal', Valle de Remune

There will of course be some more posts about my take on the  HRP, available to all on this 'ere web journal thingy.

And on that note, here's the first part of an interview I did with Podcast Bob on the Outdoors Station about the walk.  And here's the second part.  I don't know whats so funny, nervous laughter I guess.  Sorry about that. 

Finally, to all those that donated, we have so far raised over £3000 including the gift aid, for WILD LAND AND REFUGEES.  Its really a great result, you made a difference, so thankyou.

Radio shows now on BPLUK - downloadable podcasts

Just a quick one to let you know that the last interview from a few months ago is now on Backpacking Light UK, as a downloadable podcast. 
Its the one about (dare I say it) wind 'farms', and as Bob points out its quite relevant for all those walking the TGOC soon.  Some people asked me for a download at the time, which I couldn't do because of music and radio rights, but that's all been sorted, so here is the direct link, to stream, or maybe sling on your ipod/phone for when your out walking or camping:


The interviews with Chris Townsend should follow in the next few weeks.

Thanks to Bob for making this happen, hope you enjoy the redux

Radio Show #4 - Going wild with Sloman and Howell

Here's the last radio show from Res FM, featuring outdoors bloggers Alan Sloman and Andy Howell, discussing the industrialisation of wild land and the forest campaign.

Recently, as many will know, there's been more windturbine news.  It seems that...
government officials and energy companies are still enjoying the gravy train, but also that pressure is increasingly being brought to bear in both mainstream and informal media - here's a few that caught my eye:
  • The climber Jim Perrin led a protest in this same spot with some stirring pictures by Tom Hutton here
  • Cameron Mc Neish reported on yet another plan to destroy the Monadh Liath, and has some ideas about what can be done here
  • Gibson wrote about the many other plans that are afoot, and regularly reports on land matters in Scotland.
  • To Hatch a Crow provides an excellent regular newsfeed for environmental news.