Return to Skye

I recently spent 3 days with Bernard from Lyon in France, crossing Skye twice and discussing photography and ‘wild’ camping techniques, as well as the inevitable politics, whisky, life and art! Teaching is always thought provoking for the teacher (if I’m doing it right) but I really enjoy these slightly longer trips, and find the cultural exchange enriching, wherever people are from.

Below are a few photos I took along the way, most often as teaching aids or part of what we were discussing or working on… as well as the testimonial Bernard kindly offered afterward. Please do get in touch via the contact form if you want to do something similar yourself.


“I spent three marvelous days with David, hiking and camping on the Isle of Skye. I learned a lot - I thought technically I was more or less proficient, but David pushed me to switch to manual exposure and this was a huge impetus to be more careful and involved in what I was doing. He also stressed the importance of framing and composition techniques, and we applied this approach to various photo opportunities we encountered. I came away with a lot to mull over, and a deep desire to continue improving my photography. In addition, despite the occasional rain - part of the experience actually, the hiking was great and the landscape magnificent.

Three splendid days of learning in good companionship. Very highly recommended!”

Bernard Frangoulis

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