Beads on a Thread

Work has begun on some new routes for a new book. The process is interesting, I guess because the brief is - it’s a good fit for all three of us who are contributing I think.

I caught the last of the good weather and managed a few days of exploring a line I’d been side eyeing for a few years, watching and waiting for the right moment. 8 Munro’s over 3 days, and staying well above 1000metres for the most part.

I’m editing different sets, but here’s some shots I quite like for now, most of which won’t appear anywhere else for the time being.

I met Ginge again back at basecamp before a few hours on the loch the following day. Ginge is a locksmith from Bude, who plied me with tea and American beer as we sat around his IKEA stove - but the job is not the man. The man is a surfer, backpacker and canoer, an ex-soundman for Katrina and the Waves who by the seem of it has been walking on sunshine for many of his 60 odd years.

“For me…” he said, gesturing around him as we sat deep among the birch and pine, “…this is a necessity.” Yea man, you’re among trees, and friends. These kinds of chance encounters in slightly out of the way places are not something that Visit Scotland will ever be able to put a price tag on… and so I worry sometimes that even Scotland is becoming more formal and less convivial under a yoke of inforced austerity… but then I meet people like Ginge and my equilibrium is restored. Cheers dude.

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