Night rider

A few photos from an evening's exploration by mountain bike, around the Inshriach Forest, a place of margins and borders, between the lowlying and populated strath and the bony and lonely uplands. There are regiments of conifers, bulldozed double track and sinuous single track, crofts both inhabited and abandoned, clearfell and regeneration. In the summer, there are also flesh eating monsters aplenty, just a few of which were caught by the flash in one of the shots below. It's far from being an untouched landscape, but it's diverse and has it's own sad and solemn beauty. Last summer's evening, it felt like something of a miracle to witness.

I had a friendly email asking if I had merged the fifth image in the last set, and thought I'd mention it here, because the fifth photo in this set also looks a little surreal, and people might be wondering if there was trickery involved. All photography is hocus pocus of course, and I love all types of photography, but no - for me the challenge at the moment is to play with the restrictions of a single exposure. I spent far too long in a past life as a sound engineer hunched over a sampler screen (and later a computer) tweaking and modulating, to want to do more than the bare minimum in photo software nowadays. So I try to do it all in the machine, and just use it to try and see better. No overdubs, the place is often more than enough.

Enough talk, here's some creamy, creepy modern gothic.