Paying attention

Following the example of a few folk in the last few months and years, I've signed up to a form of crowdfunding. The page has gone live today. It's called Patreon.

I've explained a little about why on the above link, but perhaps it's worth saying here what I like about the platform. What's nice is that patrons are free to come and go as they please (I'd prefer the former option!), and that creators can add more works as they go. It's not a one-off thing, but a flexible and ongoing system of support. I have a few ideas fermenting for if I ever finish the book, and this may well be the place to launch them. Just having a container to put things in can be a catalyst to progress things beyond the concept stage in itself.

Back in the here and now, there's some starter rewards in the shape of postcards, calendars and book discounts, which hopefully will make it fun for people to show some love and allow me to try a few new things until world domination or the next magazine deadline, whichever comes first.

So that's it. Please go and check it out, and pledge a dollar or 3 if you can. And as ever, a huge thanks for paying attention, whether you are paying or not.