A hell of a run

I found myself in the right place at the right time this weekend: Glen Nevis, for 2 attempts on the Ramsay Round. The weather was clear, but very dry and hot on the tops. Jasmin Paris set a new record for the round, knocking 46minutes off Jon Ascroft's time with a new time of 16hours, 13minutes.

Getting relatively clean shots of Jasmin requires a high shutter speed! I'd have loved to have caught the team more often... there was a possibility I could have intercepted them on the CMD (and to be honest she was moving so fast I'd have had my work cut out)... but I had other places to be.

Being on the Round for Jasmin's record attempt was actually a happy coincidence. I was officially there to provide a little support for Joe Williams' attempt. Joe's challenge was different - he was flying solo, without pacers - a significant challenge in itself. Joe's only support was his parents on the 2, 10 minute rest stops. The Round is an intense and personal experience - being invited along was an honour.

So, I wanted to cheer Joe on his final (and dry) section of the Mamores, with the idea of a shot or two in mind. Joe easily cleared his 22hr schedule and flew in on a time of 20hrs, 49mins.

At the finish, Joe said "That is one hell of a run".

In these media saturated times it's possible to become inured to record breaking feats, but make no mistake, compleating at all requires drawing on a force of nature... let alone doing it solo. I am not a runner, but I am not unfit... and this round takes me 5 days to walk comfortably. Jasmin ran it in 16hours.

Congratulations to both on their inspiring achievements in a beautiful place.

Note to media: If you want to run images alongside a story on Jasmin's record, let me know - donations to the Glen Nevis Landscape Partnership are welcomed in lieu of payment.

More information on the round: http://www.ramsaysround.com/