This be the verse

Just returned from a beautiful, challenging 9 days away with the girls, camping, walking and biking in the North West. It'll end up as a few, perhaps more commercial things, but why show that here, now? The camera looks both ways, they say, and men especially like to watch, don't they? We're awash in cliches but I'm obliged, like my stepfather before me, to document our time together - joyous and fraught both. A futile gesture but sometimes it's all we've got.

I'm a bad parent. I get it wrong every day. Just like my parents before me. But I won't grow a daughter that doesn't know how to be outside in the world. Her world. That would be an unforgivable sin.

Some rules, self imposed: First, no easily distinguishable photos of my daughter online until she's old enough to decide whether or not for herself. I'm alot less concerned about daily fail sexpests than google mail realities. Second, a single, manual focus, 40mm lens. Because discipline, and proximity. Finally; Focus, not sharpness.